Review: Voice of the Gods

By Eleanor Herman
Summary by Goodreads
As the end of an age approaches, gods whisper horrors, families scheme for power, and one woman may hold the secret to a lost legacy.

At 19, Ada of Caria yearns to take the Snake Blood throne from her mad older siblings—and seeks the help of a young orphaned girl named Helen, the first True Oracle to have walked the earth in more than three hundred years.

Helen may be able to channel the voice of the gods, but she hates her gift, and will do anything to get rid of it—even lie to her best friend, Myrtale, the priestess-princess of Epirus who is destined to marry King Philip II of Macedon even though she loves another. And in the shadows lurks a handsome green-eyed stranger who has more at stake—and more to lose—than anyone could possibly imagine.Amid jealousy and heartbreak, torrid affairs and secret rendezvous, it is spoken by the gods that either Helen or Myrtale —newly named Olympias— will carry the destiny of the known world within her womb.
The prequel to LEGACY OF KINGS, VOICE OF GODS traces the intricate web of love and betrayal that led up to the birth of history’s most powerful leader, Alexander the Great.


What I Gave it: 4 stars

What I liked: wow. Where do I even begin? It was beautifully written. There were just enough viewpoints to really let us see exactly what was going on in this tangled web of prophecy, though the main focus was on Helen. The story captured me from the start, had me guessing at every turn. It showed true friendships, how easily it is for greed to corrupt and jealousy to poison. It showed the longing and desires of a girl, bestowed with a precious gift and what she had to give up to keep it. It sets up beautifully for legacy of kings and gives a backstory to the beginnings of this battle for the ages.

What I didn’t like: I am so frustrated. I couldn’t put this book down. At all. I couldn’t wait for the end and what was to come. But legacy of kings was a huge disappointment for me. It was slow, muddled and predictable where this was fresh, exciting and magically. I really wish legacy of kings was more like voice of the gods. Because it was truly spectacular

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