Top Ten Tuesday April 12: Ten Books Every Romantic Should Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish! Each week there’s a prompt and bloggers give their top ten. I’ve seen so many people do this so I decided to join in!

Once upon a time, I hated contemporaries because my best friend told me they sucked. And I just want to let you all know that you don’t have to let anyone tell you what you can and cannot read. Nor should you feel guilty for what you read. Read what you love!

The Wrath and the Dawn


This hardcore reminds me of Aladdin and Jasmine. The whole world is swoon-worthy let alone the romance. Khalid and Shaz have one of the best romance I’ve ever read. From forbidden romance to a curse, this book has everything. And this book has the best kiss I’ve ever read in my entire life.

I’ll Give You The Sun


This book deals with sibling romance, forbidden romance, and lost love. The povs from Noah and Jude are so unique, we get the past from Noah, and the present from Jude. It deals with the grief of losing a parent and what comes after that. The twins are estranged and Jude is dealing with first love, can everything work out?

The Winner’s Curse


The Winner’s Curse has forbidden romance, treason, war, and dirty little secrets. I can’t wait to see were Kestrel and Arin end up. This is one swoon-worthy romance that definitely has its ups and downs, but it’ll have you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

Everything Leads to You


This is a wonderful book where the love story is on the back burner, which is a good thing. She’s trying to sort out her life after losing her first love and dealing with her life as a movie set designer. She’s going through real, relatable troubles. She finds herself and finds love in the process, which is always icing on the cake. Did I mention girls loving girls?

Everything, Everything


Maddy is allergic to everything and has to live inside a controlled house, so love is a dangerous thing for. But when Olly moves next door, she’s willing to give up everything for love. And they make a few rash decisions to keep their love alive. But when things aren’t what they seem, how will it all end up?



Deeper is the first NA I’ve ever read and man I loved every second of it. It was a little dirtier than I expected but I didn’t mind it at all. Besides the dirty, thrilling romance between Caroline and Wes, this book deals with a bigger problem.

Caroline is a victim of revenge porn, a disgusting thing that is actually legal in most states. She was on a path to greatness but her ex shared their sex pictures out of hate along with her address and school, ruining her life. Caroline struggles with guilt, thinking this was her fault and she asked for it. But it’s never the victim’s fault. Caroline goes through a journey to accept what has happened to herself, to take hold of it and not let it rule her entire life. When she takes the plunge (pun intended) with Wes, she truly starts beginning to take control back in her life.

The Start of Me and You


Maybe it’s because it’s set in Indiana or because I connected so much with Paige, but this was one of my favorite contemporaries. Paige is trying to recover her life after her first boyfriend died, one step at a time. But when her to do list isn’t as easy as she thought, she finds an unlikely ally. Will she find herself again and find love in the process? Or will she continue to shut the world out?

Saint Anything


Sarah Dessen is the queen of romance. She always writes relatable girls with relatable issues. All of her books seem like you’re peeking into the life of a teen girl. When Syndey is trying to get out from under her brother’s shadow, can she finally find what she’s always been searching for?  Worried about the victim of her brother’s drunk driving accident, Syndey finds acceptance in the most unexpected of places. Will Mac be exactly what she has always dreamed of or will something get in the way?

The Love That Split the World


Beau and Nat’s story is my favorite I’ve ever read. The Love That Split the World is my favorite book I’ve ever read. They take star crossed lovers to the extreme. From glimmers that shouldn’t be there to problems at home, this is one swoon-worthy romance. It covers plenty of issues and blends real life and real problems with magical. If you haven’t picked this up yet, I really think you should.

The Song of Achilles


I absolutely love mythology and anything that has to do with LGBT. This romance between Achilles and Patroclus brings a new side to the myth of Achilles, one that brings even more depth to the myth.  Their love crosses boundaries that it shouldn’t and quite literally is up against war. This had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. From the rich world-building to the depth their story is told in, this is a love story for the ages. Everyone knows how Achilles dies, but how will their love end?

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