Saving Montgomery Sole Blog Tour


25331997In sight not see

black light not be

This is the curious instruction that comes with the Eye of Know, the possibly powerful crystal amulet that Montgomery Sole buys online for $5.99. It’s also the next topic of discussion at Mystery Club (members: Monty and her two best friends, Thomas and Naoki), dedicated to the exploration of the strange and unexplained.

When Monty wears the Eye of Know, strange things happen, all targeted at people she despises. Maybe it will help Monty take down her newest enemy, a preacher who has come to save her town from so-called sinners—sinners like Monty’s moms. Or will its mysterious powers mean the end of the friendships Monty cherishes most?

Mariko Tamaki has created a thoughtful, funny, and painfully honest story about family, religion, ignorance, and other unsolved high school mysteries.


I was actually really disappointed in this one. When I read the synopsis, I had so many expectations. Maybe I got my hopes up to much. The last 20 or so pages made it a 3 star and not 2 star read. This book touched on a very important issue, religion and queer people.

But the MC sounded 12, not 16. Before you get on my case, there is such a thing as too young for YA. If I’m told the MC is 16 or even 12 I have expectations for that age group and when they don’t act remotely like that age, they’re too young. If the MC had been 13 or 12 I would have probably enjoyed this story much better but she barely sounded older than her 11-year-old sister. I just expected more from this book. The first few hundred pages just dragged on and on and I really wish the actual problem had been explored longer. It felt very rushed. I’m sad I didn’t like this book.

2 thoughts on “Saving Montgomery Sole Blog Tour

  1. It’s always disappointing to me when a book gets a poor review, but I do appreciate your honesty–you tell it like it is and that’s important for me when deciding what to spend my time and money on (both, like most people, are limited supply).


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