Top Ten Tuesday – Father’s Day

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish 

For this father’s day freebie, I thought I’d take this opportunity to rec a gorgeous, modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes. My dad’s favorite books ever are the original Sherlock Holmes and last year for father’s day I got him a fancy leather-bound copy of all of them.

A Study in Charlotte and The Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro are refreshing and modern takes on Sherlock. Brittany definitely makes these characters her own, even with their established archetypes. I love the fact Sherlock is, well, Charlotte. Sherlock as a girl is unheard of. I think many of his qualities only work because he’s a man. If a girl acted that way, let’s just say it wouldn’t be tolerated.

I liked the first one immensely more than the second, but that could be the fact I read the second on an airplane.

If you love mysteries, pick these up. They’re dark and intense. You won’t want to put them down at all. Not to mention how attached you get to Jaime and Charlotte. The setting is superb as well, I’m a sucker for boarding school.

Have you read these? What are your thoughts on the famous Mr. Holmes?

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