Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’ll Never Read

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish 

With Top Ten Tuesday on a break until August 15th, I wanted to pick some of the older one’s I’ve missed. I can’t wait to bring these to you guys.


Honestly, anything by Cassandra Clare. Besides her stealing her idea from someone else, It’s just the same book over and over again with new names.


Incest is not a cute plot point. I don’t really get why people flail over this series. No thank you.

29385546.jpg I honestly hated The Young Elites and Legend. After striking out with two of her series, I’d rather not waste my time with this one.


This one kills me because it sounds SO interesting, but I don’t like her writing style. The Darkest Minds read like every other dystopian book ever and I was less than impressed. Passenger just didn’t suck me in either. So sorry Prosper, maybe another time.


After everything I’ve learned about these male characters being alpha males, I’m going to pass. We don’t need more rape culture in books, especially when the author refuses to listen and defends her choices.


Bad boys are sexy, I get that. But rapists are not. I’m honestly disgusted that her books half nearly 5-star ratings when I’ve seen on- page examples of sexual assault. Consent is key. And it’s important. This author also defended a rapist MC so I’m going to pass on these.


I’m not here to support homophobia. Me liking women is not the same thing as you wanting to cheat on your wife, Brandon.

26837046.jpg Are you kidding me? An entire anthology of love triangles? LOL BYE


I didn’t hate the Lunar Chronicles but I wasn’t in love with them either. This, along with Renegades, is a pass from me.


I absolutely love the T.V. series but I don’t read books if I start with the T.V. series or movie. Hence the fact I’ve never read Howl’s Moving Castle. It’s my absolute favorite movie ever and I want to keep the magic.




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