Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Pet Peeves

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish 

With Top Ten Tuesday on a break until August 15th, I wanted to pick some of the older ones I’ve missed. I can’t wait to bring these to you guys.

  1. Deckled edges – Like why? They’re not even that pretty and they just annoy me while reading.
  2. Trade Paperbacks – They’re so small and thick. It’s nearly impossible to read them. They almost always have a movie or T.V. show tie in cover as well, not what this girl wants on her shelves.
  3. Varying book height – Why can’t the industry pick a size for paperbacks and hardbacks and stick to it? I hate seeing how much taller some books are than others. It doesn’t make my shelves look very pretty.
  4. Mid-series cover changes – JUST WHY
  5. Fantasy books with only straight, white characters – This is a fantasy world. With talking animals and magic, maybe even unicorns and orcs. Yet you’re telling me that everyone is only straight and white? Yea, that’s not going to fly with me
  6. Token characters – If you’re just going to throw a POC or queer character in there just to have them there, spare me. Each character should have a purpose to the story, not to politics
  7. Queer characters only in contemporary – Maybe I want a queer witch in a fantasy world. Or in historical fiction. We didn’t just start existing. Plus, most of the contemporaries are sad. I don’t always want a sad queer story. Maybe I want an adventure. Or gays in space.
  8. LOVE TRIANGLES – Okay but why are they called love triangles when not everyone in the triangle loves everyone else? They’re hardly ever done interestingly and I can always tell you who the MC is going to choose.
  9. 59 million special editions – Yes, I’m looking at you SJMaas. Like, do publishers think we have an unlimited amount of money? It’s unfair to everyone involved. Especially when there are exclusive stories inside and international readers can’t get their hands on them. Or vice versa. Instead of 59 editions, why not come out with a small book of novellas or bonus short stories? That I would buy.
  10. Bible-thin pages – These pages tear so easily and I didn’t spend $10+ just to rip the pages. I understand it saves space on the shelves, or money for the publisher, but I just really like a huge book.

Do any of these bug you guys? What are some of your bookish pet peeves?

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Pet Peeves

  1. I actually don’t mind deckled edges while reading, it’s when I’m trying to locate a certain passage and the pages don’t turn properly that I get frustrated with them. I’d love to see more diverse fantasy books. These days I seem to be picking up a lot of contemporary while searcher for more diverse characters.


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