Guest Post – Team Phison

Chace Verity is here to talk a little bit about their upcoming book and I’m so excited to have them!

 35606210.jpg Team Phison by Chace Verity

For 55-year-old Phil Hutton, finding a new boyfriend is tough, especially since he’s still hurting from his ex leaving him for a younger man. Online dating has been a soul-crushing experience for the restaurant owner. Too many meat-haters interested in microbreweries or something called geocaching. His matches in the multiplayer for his favorite video game have been equally sucky too.

One night, he encounters a newbie who is so helpless, Phil can’t help showing him the ropes. It doesn’t take long for Phil to become interested in his enthusiastic teammate. 28-year-old Tyson Falls from Georgia loves working as a server in a rinky pizza joint and sees the best in everything. As Phil’s online dating matches get worse and his in-game matches with Tyson get better, he finds himself wanting to pursue the easygoing chatterbox with a thick, sexy drawl.

But Phil can’t get past the fear that Tyson could possibly want a fossil like him. If his brain doesn’t stop being so damn insecure, it might be game over for his heart.


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Guest Post


Coming up with an aesthetic for Team Phison was really fun and reminded me why I had so much fun writing this book.

Our protagonist, Phil, is a grumpy snob. He runs a gourmet burger & bourbon restaurant and looks down on every other bar or joint that isn’t his. He thinks his burgers are the best, his drink selection is the best, his arrangement of tables is the best. Phil’s not afraid to tell other people if he thinks their choice of whiskey is shitty.

So, of course, he winds up falling in love with a guy who thinks day-old Big Macs are premium breakfasts. Phil’s endlessly fascinated with Tyson’s love for super greasy food slathered in cheese imitations. Where Phil unwinds at night with a glass of Laphroaig, Tyson dedicates his free time to coming up with the perfect Vanilla Coke substitution to satisfy his sweet tooth.

(Side note: why can’t Coke just give the world what it wants? Give us Vanilla Coke. Year round. None of this seasonal in select countries nonsense, please.)

Phil and Tyson are complete opposites in most aspects of life, but they have a shared love for sci-fi first-person shooter games. Which is how they meet. And eventually, fall for each other. Awwwww. ❤

About the author

Picture1.pngChace Verity (she/they) is publishing queer as heck stories with a strong romantic focus, although queer friendships and found families are important too. Chace prefers to write fantasy but dabbles in contemporary and historical fiction as well. An American citizen & Canadian permanent resident, Chace will probably never be able to call a gallon of milk a “four-liter.”

If you think Chace Verity and Chasia Lloyd look suspiciously alike, you might be onto something.


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