Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Books I’m Going to Try To Read This School Year

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish 


This one is an absolute given. I can’t wait to meet Leigh for the first time in September.



With Maggie being my favorite author, I can’t believe I haven’t picked this one up yet. I’m hoping to have some time to pick it up in November considering November is very important to this novel.


Anthologies are my best friends while I’m in school. I can read one story at a time with little commitment. I have a problem starting a book and putting it down, so it’s easier to do that with short stories. Plus I know I’ll need a creepy Halloween read.

25063781.jpg I guarantee at some point I’m going to have a breakdown and need some serious fluff. I’m saving this one for that exact moment. The yellow cover should at least cheer me up a bit, right?


I was so hyped for this one last year and I just never picked it up? Who knows what’s wrong with me. Hopefully, I can finish this one in time for the second one!


I seriously need to read the rest of these. I loved the first one and I absolutely love that all of them are out so I can binge them. Plus with them being on my Kindle, I can sneak them in during bus rides and such.


These are like eating candy to me. Sailor Moon is my favorite character, EVER. They take me like, less than 20 minutes to read. I save them for when I’m having a hard day.


Now that the second one is out, I can finally devour these delicious books. I am so excited to dive into another world created by Victoria.


This is the first book I notice on my bookshelf. It’s just so shiny and pretty. I am so excited about this one!


The sophomore book of my favorite 2016 debut? Yes, please.

Okay, realistically I’m probably read 2 on this list and maybe like 3 others. But a girl can dream, right? Are you guys still in school or are you out?

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