Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Recent Disappointing Reads


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This book had ABHORRENT fat rep. I mean the poor kid’s nickname was Chunk. How did she not get that he didn’t like being called fat or have constant comments about his weight made?


I did not like these all for the same reason so I figured I’d lump them all into one. These were just so boring, man. I could predict literally everything that was going to happen. I couldn’t connect to any of the characters. None of them made me care about them or worry about them.


I had this on my shelf forever and I was so excited to read it but man was it just boring. I couldn’t get into it at all and it was an easy DNF for me.


This one was just one big nope. Her fascination with the missing girl was weird. She had a horrible attitude and the big reveal fell just like really flat for me.


They spent more time outside of the library than in it which was not what I signed up for! This was just a really disappointing read. It wasn’t terrible but it just wasn’t what I expected at all.


I absolutely adored the first in this series. I fell so hard for the characters and loved the gender-bent aspect. But dear gods was this a mess. I can’t really tell you anything that happened in this one and like it was just, nothing like the first? Hopefully the third makes up for this disaster.


This was a total disappointment. I don’t know what I thought Archie was but this isn’t it. At all.


After the masterpiece of ACOMAF, this was a huge letdown. I know they’ll be more books in this realm but I feel like nothing was wrapped at all. I have too many questions left. It was just not the end I wanted from my favorite book series.

What were you disappointed by recently?

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