Top Ten Tuesday – First Books on my Goodreads


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For this Top Ten Tuesday, I thought I’d talk about the first ten books/series on my Goodreads. Would I still read them? Do I still stand by my rating?


The Infernal Devices Series- Rating 2 Stars

I definitely stand by this rating today. They were better than The Mortal Instruments but they were just sooooo long. I remember trying to read the second one and getting really lost. If I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t have ever picked these up.

Vampire Academy – 4 Stars

I loved these so much and I feel like they’re a YA classic. I remember how much I loved Dmitri and waited impatiently for the next book in the series. If I read them now, they’d probably be a 3.5-star series


Hush, Hush Series – 3 Stars

This series did not age well for me. They have literally every YA cliche and trope known to mankind in them. However, they’re a classic. 3 stars definitely sums up my feelings for them. I probably wouldn’t pick them up now.


Nightshade series – 4 Stars

I loved these so much. I remember running to the book store for the next one and screaming with joy when I heard about the prequel series. This is still one of the best-done werewolves I’ve seen in YA. THey’re filled with cliches but man, I loved these. I would definitely pick them up now, despite the love triangle.


Beautiful Creatures Series – 4 Stars

Man, past Bailey what were you thinking. These are a hot mess and basically a soap opera in a novel. I definitely wouldn’t pick these up knowing what I do now. I’d probably rate them a 3 now, only because they weren’t unbearable.


Fallen Series – 5 Stars

Another YA classic series. It’s also interesting to see how just gothic YA covers used to be. Current Bailey wouldn’t pick these up now and the modern rating would probably be 3.5 stars. I honestly couldn’t tell you the difference between the Fallen and the Hush, Hush series.


Revenants Series – 5 Stars

I can’t believe how many people haven’t read these! I loved these and I haven’t found a series anything like these to this day. Yeah, there are a few cliche tropes but look at that cover. I would love to pick these up again but they’d probably be a solid 4 stars.


House of Night series – 4 Stars

Wow. These started out so strong. They were interesting, full of godly drama. But they fell fast. It was a series that never ended and they got even worse as they went on. I’m pretty sure I gave up around book 8 and I know of 15, at least. I wouldn’t pick these up again and they get 1 star if that.


Mortal Instruments Series – 4 Stars

You don’t even need me to rant about these again. 0 Stars.


Strange Angels Series – 3 Stars

Honestly, I don’t even remember anything about these books except that now when I smell oranges I think of danger. I have no idea if I’d pick these up again because I’ve got no clue what happens.

What are some of the first series you remember reading? Have you read any of these?


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