Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Characters Who Would Make Great Leaders

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish 


Isobel learns quickly hot to navigate the tricky world of the Fae. I think she’d make a great leader though I’m not sure in what capacity. She’s been through to much to place the whole burden of a kingdom on her back.


Feyre showed quickly she had the ability to lead. She was resourceful, cunning, and she never gave up. She’ll lead the people of the Night Court well and lord knows she’s the perfect other half to Rhys.


Vicky was wise beyond her years in this one and I totally believe she’d make a great leader. Whether of a revolution or a progressive art class, she’d be the perfect one to tackle tough issues and make everyone feel welcome.


I have no doubt in the world that Sebastian will make a good king when he’s older. He’s kind, sweet, and caring. He learns from his mistakes and really cares about those around him. Not to mention he’ll be the best dressed.


If Blue can keep a gang of boys together through magical forests and quests for Welsh kings, she can do anything.


Shazi showed she had what it takes to be a leader the moment she volunteered to be a bride to avenge her friend. Loyalty and courage are one of the biggest parts of leading and I don’t know anyone who has more than her.


I guess this is kind of cheating because of the military experience Tarver has but he’s an exceptional leader. He (mostly) kept his cool while all of the weird stuff was happening around them and even when all those things happened to Lila. Not to mention how dreamy he is. Leaders can be lovely to look at too.


Bailey would lead a super cool film club where they discussed and directed the film. Though I feel like she could also be the start of a revolution in the way the film industry works or introduce a genre or way of doing things. Bailey Rydell loves film too much to stay out of the scene.


I feel like Talia would be really good at helping people find what the want and accepting that. Whether that’s a BDSM lifestyle or simply accepting their faith, she knows first hand the struggles of accepting who you are when everyone is telling you you’re wrong.


Monty would run a super cool casino. Or maybe a very posh gentleman’s club. Whatever he ran would show you the time of your life. I’m imagining a Gatsby party turned way up.

What do you see these characters doing? Or leading? Do you agree with my ideas?

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