ARC August- Week One Wrap Up

How did my first week of ARC August go? Have I set myself up for failure or success? Continue below to find out!

Here’s a little reminder of my goals for ARC August:

  • Read 20 books ( I can totally do it)
  • Review them all ( yes ALL of them)
  • Get my Netgalley Feedback ratio to 80%
  • Cross-post my reviews to GR, Amazon, and B&N
  • Feature the reviews on my blog (Maybe a weekly series?)

I’ve decided to feature mini-reviews of the books I’ve read here along with the update on my goals. Here’s the breakdown so far

Books Read:

cover139501-medium Blanca & Roja was absolutely breathtaking. Anna-Marie has done it again. Her books are heartbreaking and heartwarming,, lyrical masterpieces. They also have strong families, queer rep, and a magical twist. This one deals with two sisters trying hard to fight their fight while sticking together and maybe falling in love. The fairytales included in this one gave me another peak into Latinx culture and I absolutely loved the queer rep as someone very close to me feels the exact same way as Page. If you love Anna-Marie McLemore or magical realism, this one will not disappoint. *Thank you to Netgalley for this review copy.*

500 Words or Less was a conflicting read for me. I loved that it was in verse. It flowed cover132568-mediumreally well and made me want to keep reading the novel. There was a powerful look at privilege and racism in this book as well. Nic really took a critical look at the privilege the white or whit passing students whereas no-one knew or cared that the black, star quarterback’s Dad was the school janitor who worked three jobs just to allow how to go to such a great school. She dealt with racism too, with others asking her to help with her Japanese homework when she was Chinese. This look into white privilege and racism was so powerful and raw. However, everything else fell flat and empty for me. But Nic was an empty person, unsure of who she was. *Thank you Netgalley for this review copy.*

Goals Update:

  • Read 2 of 20 books
  • Reviewed 2 of 20 books
  • Netgalley feedback ratio 65 of 80%
  • Featured reviews on my blog
  • 768 pages read
  • 9 bingo squares checked off


How did your first-week stack up? Are you happy with your progress?

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