ARC August Week 3 and 4 Wrap Up

We’re nearing the end of the month and the goal is in sight . . . I think.

Here’s a little reminder of my goals for ARC August:

  • Read 20 books ( I can totally do it)
  • Review them all ( yes ALL of them)
  • Get my Netgalley Feedback ratio to 80%
  • Cross-post my reviews to GR, Amazon, and B&N
  • Feature the reviews on my blog (Maybe a weekly series?)

I’ve decided to feature mini-reviews of the books I’ve read here along with the update on my goals. Here’s the breakdown so far

Books Read:

cover136610-mediumI tried. I tried really hard, but the constant use of “you” was annoying me to no end. I don’t like perspectives where it’s like I’m in the book. If I wanted that, I would read a chose your own adventure novel not a YA contemporary. We’re dropped in the middle of a whole lot of drama too. I don’t mind drama (okay I love drama), but the fact that there’s so much going on when we know nothing about the characters is a little much. Especially when it is followed by a very unlikely to happen to anyone plane crash. *Thank you to NetGalley for this review copy*


cover136489-mediumI really wanted to love this anthology more, but I only really liked Britt and the Bike God. All of these stories were super short and most of them would’ve qualified as flash fiction, not a short story. I wasn’t really invested in any of them. I was just dropped into a lot of worlds and I felt very unsteady. There was either too much action and no build up or vice versa. I just really wish that these stories were more developed and thought out. These authors need voices and these kinds of stories need to be told, but none of these stories were told in a way that I liked reading. *Thank you to NetGalley for this review copy*

That’s Not What Happened was a breathtaking look at tragedy, grief, and how it affects 37825410.jpgpeople. Whether you have experienced a school shooting, a death, or a natural disaster, you can empathize with the characters in this story. These characters aren’t perfect. They’re selfish and filled with flaws. They’re good people though, with good intentions. There are impossible choices to be made and sometimes the right choice, or the best choice, wasn’t the one chosen, but its never malicious. Not to mention the MC is asexual and it is discussed numerous times. I think this is a must read, especially considering how often school shootings occur. We tend to forget that the survivors are people with different lives, values, and hopes. Not all survivors or victims were good people, but that doesn’t make them less deserving of grief or recognition. I think it’s really important we reframe how we look at and treat, the people involved.

cover144255-mediumI have mixed feelings about Dear Heartbreak. I loved the premise and I think there really is a place for more books like these in YA. These were actual letters from real people, not vague questions answered. This book will help a lot of people across the board, whether it’s to grieve a relationship, change your outlook on life, or get the hope you need. It was hard to digest though. I wasn’t excited to pick it up again and it was kind of like trudging through a marsh. It was heavy and I felt like I was forcing myself to get through it. *Thank you to NetGalley for the review copy*


Goals Update:

  • Read 10 of 20 books
  • Reviewed 10 of 20 books
  • Netgalley feedback ratio 70 of 80%
  • Featured reviews on my blog
  • 2,069 pages read (Not including the pages from my DNFs)
  • 12 bingo


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