ARC August Wrap Up

How did I fare? Was I even halfway successful?

What did I accomplish?

  • Read 11 of 20 books
  • Reviewed 11 of 20 books
  • Netgalley feedback ratio 70%
  • Featured mini reviews on all of these on my blog
  • Cross-posted the reviews of those who have come out
  • 2,405 pages read
  • 17 Bingo squares checked off (yet no Bingo)

I was really happy with my progress. I could’ve finished 20 books if I really pushed myself but school started and life got in the way. Overall, I think I did a great job. I read a little over half of the books I wanted to read but I was really good at reviewing the books and cross-posting them. I think that was the biggest thing I wanted to get out of this. I am terrible at reading the books and not reviewing them until days, if not weeks, later. By then, I can’t remember all my thoughts on the book and my reviews aren’t as genuine.

How did ARC August go for you?

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