ARCtober Tbr and Goals

ARCtober is an ARC challenge for the month of October. There’s an accompanying bookstagram challenge as well. I can’t do bookstagram or pretty photos on insta in general, but I look forward to being green with envy when I see all of yours.


Some of these are repeats from my semi-successful attempt at ARCaugust and some of these are recently acquired goodies that stare at me accusingly from their list on Netgalley. This is just under splitting my ARC tbr in half, granted I don’t request or receive any more, and I desperately need to do that.


  • Read 12 ARCs (may not be the ones pictured above)
  • Read at least half of my planned TBR
  • Review each book and cross-post my review
  • Get my Netgalley ratio up to 77%
  • Don’t trudge through a book I don’t like

Are you doing ARCtober? What is your most anticipated release this fall?

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