Books to Look Out For in 2019

One of my favorite things about blogging is the books I get to read early. I love being able to sit down with a good book a few months before it publishes so that later on I can excitedly shove it in the hands of readers I think will love it. Here are the top 2019 books I got the privilege of reading this year. Make sure you look out for these titles in 2019 or maybe request them for yourself.

These are in no particular order because picking a favorite would be impossible. (Click on the beautiful covers to go to the Goodreads page!)


This baby was everything I want in a fantasy novel. The villain in this reminded me so much of the Darkling and I haven’t swooned so hard over a villain in a minute. This is definitely good for fans of the Grisha trilogy or The Shades of Magic Series. We’ve got a kickass heroine along with a lovely cast of side characters. The world is extremely lush and nothing is as it seems. This book was twisty in all the right ways and I was guessing until the very end. Picking up this book will devastate you in a way that only an exceptional book can do.

My Rating: 5 stars Release Date: April 2nd


38714357  Buckle your seatbelts for this one kids. This book has everything you want from a fantasy. We’ve got a snarky heroine who doesn’t let anyone look down on her because of her disability. A mysterious and handsome prince who is not who he appears to be. There’s a lush world that meets ours, along with an evil sorceress and a terrifying monster. There are terrible abuse and terrible choices to be made. This book will sweep you up into the world of Emberfell and you’ll never want to leave. The blending of our world and Emberfell is seamless.

My Rating: 5 Stars Release Date: January 29th


35701702.jpgThe world that Rasmira lives in seems to me to be the Maze Runner but Vikings. The creepy and unique monsters of the land will haunt my nightmares, as I’m sure they do Rasmira’s. We get to see a lush world and how their rules and traditions shape who they are and the mistakes they make. I know I keep saying lush, but these books wholeheartedly deserve it. Rasmira is banished to the wilds unless she can kill the god that has been terrorizing the villages. No big deal, right? I loved the strong theme in this book of learning to be comfortable in your skin and love who you are. Plus, a little romance never hurt anyone.

My Rating: 5 Starts Release Date: February 26th


34506913.jpg If you loved Geekerella, this one is a must read. It’s Romeo and Juliet, but nerds. I loved all of the characters in this book and they were the real star to me. I loved that this big issue of comic rights was so murky and real. Each side had a different story and a different view of who was right and wrong, whereas the truth lay somewhere in the middle. All stories have two sides that need to be heard. This book tackled a lot of complex issues, not just comic rights, that don’t really have an answer and I think we need to be showing this more to teens. There’s not always an answer and that’s okay. Sometimes you just have to do what’s best for you at the moment and that’s what Mir taught me.

My Rating: 4 Stars Release Date: February 12th


36192182 This was everything I’ve wanted and needed in a YA. It had beautiful relationships, utterly supportive parents, feminism, and sex positivity. I could list for days all of the things I loved about this book and I will be shoving this in everyone’s hands when this book releases. Lacey is trying to make the difficult decision of what to do after college, especially with her loving two things. Her friendships are changing in ways she never expected and she doesn’t know what to do with all of these expectations put upon her. This is frank talk about a lot of things in life and I hope it’ll give teens more confidence.


My Rating: 5 Stars Release Date: January 22nd


Annie is a strong character and an even stronger woman, grappling with grief. I loved watching her blossom into the star that she was meant to be, gaining confidence in herself and her abilities. We had great friendships and strong relationships throughout, whether romantic or family. The love that blossoms between her and Clay are swoon-worthy and I don’t think I’ve rooted harder for two characters in a while. It’s a strong contemporary and debut. It tackles complex, real-world issues without losing the magic of a summer contemporary. It’s also an older YA for those always wanting one.

Rating: 4 Stars Release Date: April 2nd


37534629.jpg I absolutely loved Nolan and how weird he is. He was a complex character with fears, things to learn about himself, and a love for plants( which is always a soft spot for me). We need books where the characters are unsure or questioning but we need just as many books where they’re confident in their sexuality and who they are. Nolan needed to go grow as a person and stop being such a jerk, not question his sexuality or grow in that aspect. Confident queer boys are a gem in this world. I mean if all of this hasn’t swayed you, it’s a gay fake dating story. GAY FAKE DATING. When I read that, I clicked so fast I scared my fiance. Everyone needs to pick up this book in spring of 2019 or I will forcefully start shoving it into the hands of other people.

My Rating: 5 Stars Release Date: April 23rd

2 thoughts on “Books to Look Out For in 2019

  1. I am SO excited for You’d Be Mine and Wicked Saints, so I’m really glad to hear you loved them!! Also, I thought I didn’t wanna read A Curse So Dark and Lonely, but so many of my friends have loved it recently that I feel like I need to give it a shot??

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